The ‘Shadow War’ continues with early warning sensors useless

The “Shadow War” continues with mysterious night attacks on weapons systems on their way to the “wrong hands”, according to Israeli standards. This, time and again, without being detected by any of the ground sensors in the areas where the targets have been located.

A few days after I first reported about the unclaimed night attacks on convoys of Russian-made surface-to-air missiles, there was another attack.

According to foreign media, late last week Israeli warplanes conducted an airstrike on a Syrian military facility near the northern port city of Latakia.

The attack is believed to be the fifth airstrike by the Israeli air force inside Syria this year. The sources quoted in the foreign press said the latest attack presumably targeted advanced Russian missile systems headed for the militant group Hezbollah, which is based in Lebanon.

This time a US administration source told CNN that, according to knowledge in Washington, the last strike was performed by Israel.

So, the speculation that seemed to be very “light” even before this leak to the news network, suddenly had a definite direction. This, of course, is if the American intelligence is good.

One aspect of all the air strikes in this ongoing Shadow War was a little pushed aside. The unidentified aircraft performed these precision attacks without being detected. And this in areas that are covered by sensors, mainly radars, that are capable of detecting attacking aircraft from distance. In Syria, for instance, there are Syrian radars and Russian ones. All these failed and the aircraft went in and out without triggering any early warning.

In such precise strikes where the target may be “valid” for only minutes, the co-ordination between the “blinding” systems and the ones that make the attack is crucial. Any deviation from the “no see” zone may result in a pilot parachuting into a very hostile area.

Based on the above, it must be assumed that attacks in this Shadow War were performed by a force with excellent real-time intelligence and the capability to render useless all the early warning sensors in the target area.

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