The mission: verify that Syria is clean of chemical weapons

Israel is unlikely to rely on the UN to verify that the Syrian regime will comply with the resolution to get all chemical weapons out of Syria. The only acceptable proof will be achieved by Israeli-made sensors adapted to gather this information. This is mainly an aerial operation.

International inspectors arrived in Damascus on Tuesday to begin the work of overseeing the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons, in the middle of a civil war.

The inspectors, from a Netherlands-based chemical weapons watchdog, have nine months to complete their mission. This includes locating the sealed tanks and dismantling and eliminating President Bashar Assad’s estimated 1,000 tonne arsenal.

The Israeli air force will verify that the stockpiles of chemical weapons are removed and handed over to experts that can neutralise them.

Israel has been closely watching the civil war in Syria since its onset, worrying that it could “spill” across the border.

It could be said that Israel has an eye on every move made by the two sides in the civil war.

Now all the sensors – based mainly in the air and in orbit – will focus on known sites where sarin gas and other deadly chemical weapons are being kept.

This will be a minute-by-minute process aimed at avoiding a situation where the deadly substances only change location, so that the world is satisfied while the danger stays imminent.

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